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Money, That’s What I Want

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We all know that money makes the world go round. Let JCB Specialties, Inc. protect your money, so you’ll have more to spend with us!!

With new technology making our lives easier, it also makes us more susceptible to digital hackers. A must have for everyone is the RFID data blocker card that is placed in your wallet with credit cards and blocks all cyber hackers from stealing your identity. This card is fully customizable with full color graphics and will be the talk of your wallet. Traveling? Get a passport holder with the same data blocking technology so you’ll be safe abroad. If you work in a field with highly sensitive data, you will need an encrypted USB flash drive with key- code access. This USB is ultra-secure military grade so no one without permission is getting in!


Don’t be a victim! Check washing is a form of check fraud where criminals steal checks from the mail and erase the handwritten ink using common household chemicals. They then rewrite the checks to themselves for any amount they choose.  The uni-ball gel pen has special ink which binds itself to the check and cannot be washed off. Be sure to shred all of your paper documents with any important information on them with a handheld paper shredder that has your logo on the handle.


Perhaps you are looking to educate your staff or clients about possible scams or help them find easy ways to save. For children, try an adorable coloring book or a money growth chart. Protect seniors from scams using bookmarks or pamphlets which are perfect for any financial institution or insurance company. Or write your own message and have it printed on dollar sign sticky notes.


Protect your finances the good old fashioned way by finding ways to save. Keep your budget in a handy expense journal, complete with pockets for your papers and receipts, to keep everything tidy and organized.  If your business hands out coupons, give your customers a magnetic coupon holder to keep them accessible. A stylish calculator is still a must have desk accessory for adults or kids. And toss your loose change in a cute piggy bank for extra savings. Available in a variety of shapes, these banks can save you enough to get more goodies from JCB!


Fitness for the New Year

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Most of us pledge to better ourselves at the first of the year. For a third of our population, the most popular New Year’s resolution is to get in shape or just be healthier in general. Wellness is something that most of us can improve on and JCB Specialties Inc. is here to help you work on this!

We offer a wide variety of pedometers in every price range. One of our favorites is the Bluetooth watch pedometer which tracks steps, distance, calories burned, hours slept, quality of sleep and awake time using the latest Bluetooth wireless technology to transfer data to mobile devices.  If you’re looking for great and inexpensive promotional items we offer hand grip exercisers, great for all age ranges. Since digital is the rage, why not enjoy a jump rope that counts the jumps for you. New Balance offers a high quality line of fitness items like duffel bags, yoga mats, headphones and strength bands that are stylish and functional.


What you put into your body is just as important. Having healthy snacks around the office is not only good for everyone but makes a great giveaway for your clients and events. We offer a wide range of healthy snacks, such as trail mix, pistachios and much more with great packaging options. Bringing your own lunch is a healthy alternative to eating out every day. Grab your lunch pack, including your water bottle or be even more trendy with a smoothie tumbler. If plain water isn’t your thing, there are water bottles with fruit infusers or custom labeled bottled water where you can add infuser drops


Perhaps you’d like to plan a Wellness Program for the office, let us help you design informative posters, memo boards and mouse pads that promote both wellness and healthy living. Don’t forget that February is Heart Month, start planning now! We offer tons of heart shaped items and any of the items referenced above would be perfect to promote healthy heart month. Check out our Top 10 Items to see some heart related items.

Stay tuned for February’s blog for the second most popular New Year’s Resolution-Money and Finances.

A Holiday Survival Guide

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Let’s face it, while the holiday season is great, it can also be very stressful. We at JCB Specialties, Inc. have put together our very own holiday survival guide complete with special services we offer, the latest holiday gifts, and much more.


The holiday season always seems to creep up you. While we offer rush services, let’s avoid them and start thinking about the holidays right now! This is the perfect time to put together your holiday plans so call us for some ideas. We can customize gifts specified to your needs with any budget in mind.


Holiday food and gourmet gift baskets are always very popular gift items during the holiday season. The candy market has expanded dramatically and is filled with everything you might consider from custom shaped chocolate bars to little bite sized candies with your logo on it. Make it special by packaging in your logoed mug, candy jar, or even a tote. Not just candy, we offer everything from gourmet beverages to specialty cheese and meats.



We are able to personalize many items in house. We can laser engrave on anything from wooden cutting boards, leather wallets or frames, wine sets or embroider on jackets, hats, and scarfs, just to name a few.



You can build gifts just the way you want them by packaging your favorite promotional products with your favorite foods. This is great for gifts at different price tiers.


Gifts can be bundled and packaged together beautifully. It’s a perfect way to combine similar items in the same set.



After you have picked out the perfect gift, up next is wrapping it. Print your company logo with a subtle print on tissue paper or right in their face with bold bright ribbon. Many of our promotional items come with a full color holiday box.



Shipping to individuals? We can ship them directly for you. Whether your clients or staff are local or out of town, we can drop ship anywhere. It’s as easy as sending us an Excel spreadsheet full of addresses!

Let us help you get through this season with a smile on your face.

Whether you want to spruce up an existing holiday program or start one altogether,

our HOLIDAY HOTLINE is always ready.

Click below to start shopping now.


The ABC’s of JCB September Blog

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Blog-Illustration-September-2015-AArtwork. From a simple stick figure drawing to supplied vector artwork, our staff will create one of kind designs especially for you.

Banners. Our banners come in standard sizes or custom sizes and are grommeted and hemmed to perfection. This in-house service is a must have for your next event.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-CCustomer Service. We here pride ourselves in our customer service. We work hard to make sure everyone is happy with their final product. Communication and creativity to our clients is key.

Blog-Illustration-September-2015-DDebossing. This is a perfect decoration method for leather goods. Always makes a classy statement.
Embroidery. From corporate apparel to uniforms, embroidery is a great garment decoration method. Our in house embroidery department is always working hard and sewing your garments with speed and attentiveness.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-FFollow Up After the Sale. We don’t just disappear after the job is done. Follow up is an important step in client happiness.

Blog-Illustration-September-2015-GG- Great Products. Our product catalog is ever changing and updating with new product. Don’t know what you’re looking for? Call us up and we will be happy to share the latest and greatest to fit your needs.

Heal Seal. Great for sporting uniforms. We can customize numbers and names for the whole team.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-IInnovative. We are always learning new techniques and expanding to fit our client’s needs.

Blog-Illustration-September-2015JJCB Specialties, Inc. See all of the above and below.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-KKnowledgeable Staff. Our diverse staff has expertise in every department.


Laser Engraving. This in-house service can engrave plaques, trophies, medals, glass, or acrylic awards. From one brass plate to forty trophies, we have you covered.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-MMotivated. We are motivated to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-NNew. New products and ideas can be found easily on our website or through the sales reps. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-OOccasion. We help people plan for the perfect occasion and always deliver on time.


Promotional Products. See our great product catalog full of thousands of products.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-QQuality. Everything that leaves our facility is checked for quality control.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-RRapid Service when needed. Rushes are inevitable in life. We have in-house services which are great in a pinch as well as rush service on promotional products. Don’t sweat it!


Screen-printing, signs, service, sales reps. There are a lot of S’s. Another great in house service is screen-printing. Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? We also can print signs and stickers in house. What makes us special is our dedicated sales reps for each account. Your sales reps will service your account from finding new ideas to ordering your product.Blog-September-Picture-S

Blog-Illustration-September-2015-TTeamwork. The final product wouldn’t get to you guys without a strong team behind us. Our employees will always go above and beyond.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-UUnique. We offer unique products as well as unique ideas. We also have some pretty unique company dogs.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-VVision. Vision and Imagination make us different from our competitors. We have been known to think out of the box. We have the ability to be creative and fabricate some pretty custom projects.

Wonderful Website. With a new website relaunch, we have many amazing features and the best product catalog we have ever had. Easier ways to shop as well as cool inspiration features.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-X X-Factor. We believe we have that little extra x-factor. That’s what keeps our customers coming back.


Blog-Illustration-September-2015-YY Not? After all of these reasons, why not order from us?

Blog-Illustration-September-2015-ZZip Code. We proudly serve the Capital Region as well as anywhere else in the world. Don’t live locally? No problem, we ship globally.


Back to School August Blog

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JCB Specialties, Inc. August Back to School Blog

That time of the year is approaching, when kids, and adults too, head back to school. With that comes the inevitable “back to school shopping.” We at JCB Specialties, Inc. want to take the stress out of school shopping and not only help the kids accessorize in style but take the stress out of the process for the adults, help everyone get into the school spirit. Please browse our supplies that can go to school as well as to the office.

Let’s start off with the basics. Your school or work day wouldn’t be complete without writing utensils and desk accessories. Colored pencils with a built in sharpener, highlighters, stylus pens, calculators, and rulers are great choices for every day use. Be sure to put all of these in a cool carrying case.

Backpacks will never go out of style but with the importance of technology increasing, the need for space for laptops, tablets, and phones is of uppermost importance. There’s a large variety of backpacks that can fit either a laptop or tablet, or both! Most also have ear bud access. Checkpoint friendly is a great bonus for the traveler. Be sure to get your power adaptor and power stand ready for your phone or tablet – just don’t let the teacher see you!

Of course school and work wouldn’t be complete without the highly anticipated lunch break. Your lunch can be so much more than a brown paper bag. We offer lunch bags that are also coolers, guaranteed to keep your food fresh. If you prefer not to carry a lunch bag, there are great plastic lunch containers for soup, salad and sandwiches. In order to stay hydrated throughout the day, be sure to carry a water bottle with a filter and/or infuser. Just fill ‘er up at the water fountain or water cooler.

Whether you’re a child going back to school or an adult going to work, be sure you are prepared with the latest and greatest from JCB Specialties, Inc.

We will be sure to get you that A+.


Employee Recognition July Blog

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Being appreciated is one of our basic human needs and being appreciated in the workplace is no different. The benefits of employee recognition are huge. Increased productivity, increased employee retention, higher loyalty, less stress, and happier employees are only some of the benefits. We all know that most companies have HR departments with employee recognition programs but even small workplaces can implement an inexpensive program. JCB Specialties, Inc. can be your one stop source for a program or item with which to recognize your employees.

If you are a small company or perhaps you want to recognize the newer employees, we have many gift ideas that are both cost effective and appropriate at every level. Items decorated with a name or logo would be the way to go. Travel mugs, pen sets, metal keychains, journal books, phone chargers, and ear buds are great ideas. We can even offer an inexpensive personalized laser engraved small plaque that would look lovely hanging on anyone’s office wall!


Looking to spend a little bit more on your employees who have been at the company longer? A more significant plaque or award would be a viable option. Desk accessories such as Cutter and Buck leather picture frames, chocolates/candy jars, or lunch containers would certainly brighten up their desk and office.

For employees or administrators with 25 years or more of service, we have several higher priced options. There are crystal vases or bowls or a classic glassware set, essential for any executive. If you are looking for everyday items, Slazenger umbrellas, Ogio coolers, or Field & Co. blankets are name brand practical gifts. Of course any large office isn’t complete with a large perpetual plaque that can be personalized every month or year announcing an employee’s name.

No matter the budget size or employee demographic, JCB Specialties, Inc. is ready to help you recognize your personnel.

Safety June Blog

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Blog-Illustration-June-2015 “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” an American proverb that everyone has heard. June is national safety month and to help celebrate, we here at JCB Specialties, Inc. want to make you and your co-workers, employees, and families safer. Let’s start with the basics that every person should have in their home or car. The most important would be a first aid kit. There are of course endless varieties of first aid kits available. From ones in a bright cinch sack, big travel sized ones all the way to pocket sized ones. There is sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly. Another thing everyone can use would be reflectors. There are many outdoor nighttime activities especially in the summer where a reflector could be useful. For children, they have fun zipper pulls. For adults, we have standard reflectors that are great for walking or attach to the spokes of your bicycle.


Useful items for the car include the Safety 3 in 1 escape tool which includes a hammer to break through glass, seatbelt cutter and dynamo flashlight. Or just a great Zippo mini auto flashlight is something we all could use in our cars or purses.  Also don’t forget to wear your sunscreen this summer. Small sunscreens with carabineers are great for your keychain.


There are plenty of fun safety items as well to entice your audience. Maybe you would like to promote to your employees to be safe, why not a fun stress reliever or pen? Kids can be given safety coloring books or temporary tattoos as fun giveaways. Even cinch sacks with reflective tape on them are a popular choice for kids.


If you’re looking for pure safety gear there are lots of options in reflective vests, safety glasses, gloves, or ear plugs which can all be personalized with a logo. Even hardhats which we can apply a decal on the front. Pair your safety accessories with any one of our many high visibility garments and you will be sure not to be missed. Please check out Cornerstone brand clothing line which specializes in safety garments ranging from high visibility beanies and hats to a Class 3 Safety windbreaker or long sleeve reflective stripe shirt. Any time of the year, we can be sure to outfit you in safety gear.


Spring Sports April Blog

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With springtime comes early tee times on a misty cool morning, running with your company across the finish line, relaxing with some yoga, or cracking a softball against your bat. Now is the time to get a jump on the competition with personalized gear for your corporate sports and fitness events.  JCB Specialties, Inc. will be your one stop shop this spring and summer for all of your needs.

Golf is such a popular corporate event and there are endless options from apparel to advertising to giveaways. JCB Specialties, Inc. offers in house printing of sponsor signs or banners for your event. We can embroider the latest and greatest polo shirts from major brand names like Nike, Adidas, Callaway, and Cutter & Buck. We also offer custom leather gloves by Titleist or FootJoy. Pair these with the Titleist hats embroidered with your company logo and you will be the epitome of golf chic.

Cutter & Buck has lots of great promotional items available to put your logo on. For example, the Tour 3-in-1 Hat Clip, Tour Deluxe Duffel, Tour Deluxe Valuables Pouch, and the Divot Tool. Of course your golfing day wouldn’t be complete without your golf umbrella or golf towel. A great giveaway item would be the High Rollers KOOZIE® Golf Event Kit with includes imprinted golf balls, ball markers, Evolution tees, and a metal divot repair tool. Guaranteed to get a hole in one with these giveaways.


While golf is certainly popular, corporate running events are big crowd pleasers as well. Be sure to get your in house printed t-shirts. Don’t have a design in mind? Not to worry, our in house designer will come up with the perfect design for your event. Polyester blend shirts are great for running events they will keep you cooler and looking cool. Your look wouldn’t be complete without a lightweight hat, sunglasses, or wristbands. Cold packs are a necessity after the race as well as SPF sunscreen and lip balm before the race.


Softball and baseball season is upon us. JCB Specialties, Inc. can custom imprint your softball jerseys, engrave the medals and trophies for the winners, and also embroider the duffle bags that carry all your equipment. Augusta Sportswear offers a wide variety of button down jerseys that will make you look like you’re a major leaguer. We can engrave medals with each player’s name or prepare a sky scraper sized trophy for the winning team.

Springtime doesn’t just mean sports, many more corporations are focusing on the overall health of their employees and with that comes wellness and fitness campaigns. Yoga mats, yoga matt carriers, and sports duffle bags are available in very stylish options.  Jump ropes, pedometers, exercise bands, and even lunch containers to promote healthy eating habits in the workplace are all unique ideas to promote wellness.


Please keep JCB Specialties, Inc. in mind when you are planning your next event or program. We will strive to make it your best one yet.



Made in the USA March Blog

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Blog Illustration MArch 2015_0

Hello Fellow Americans,

In this month’s JCB Specialties Blog we will be discussing the Made in the USA trend. Many of our clients request items that are made in America and we have seen our suppliers increase their product lines. Our clients are willing to pay more for USA/Union made items because they create jobs here in America, are often better quality, and supports our economy.  Here we will highlight some of our top Made in the USA items.

We represent several manufacturers of USA made clothing, made where the cotton is grown. These garments are manufactured, from start to finish, stateside. Bayside offers a full product line ranging from adult and youth shirts to heavyweight sweatshirts. They also offer hats, bags and aprons.

AWKA also offers a great USA made clothing product line including more modern and fashion forward garments. From henley’s to textured polo’s, fashion is not compromised.

King Louie is not only Made in the USA but Union made as well. They offer a quality line of bonded fleece outerwear for both men and women.


Awards are another industry that has embraced this trend. Airflyte offers a wide variety of plaques and sports trophies, made right here in the USA.


The options for Made in USA promotional products are vastly increasing. With too many to highlight, below are some of our more popular favorites. Drinkware is a major category that includes many, many products. The 12 oz. Double Wall Tumblers from Hit Promotional Products can be decorated with a custom embroidered patch which is inserted into the double walled acrylic.

Vision USA features a new product, a double wall insulated mug and tumbler.

Another is the Bobble® w/ tether cap from Gemline. Bobble® is a nationally known retail water bottle brand, known for their unique filtering system and modern design.


Custom JournalBooks are a really unique and creative way to brand your company. JournalBooks can be decorated in any way that you can imagine and every page can be customized to meet your needs.

Vision USA also has a large line of customizable office and desk organizers. A truly great way to de-clutter your desk, the best part being that most of them can be decorated with a full color design.


Please be sure to call us for pricing and samples, or any other inquiries regarding Made in USA and Union made products.

Welcome to the JCB Blog

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Blog Illustration February 2015web

Hello Everybody

Welcome to the JCB Specialties Blog. We will be updating every month with interesting articles, information, and insider peeks. We would like to take a minute today as an introduction to JCB Specialties to share some features that we offer. If you don’t know about JCB Specialties, we are all about client needs, quality products, and basset hounds. Some of our basic services are screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving, signs/banners and promotional products.  But we have been known to do the impossible and get creative with special projects. Nothing is off limits for us.

The Current Specials page will be updated every week. Our suppliers run weekly specials with discounts on popular or new items. Some of them are based on a first come first serve basis so act quickly, supplies are sometimes limited. These same specials can also be found on our Facebook page.

The Product Catalog on our website is great if you want to search for products yourselves. Either you have something in mind or want to get some new ideas; you can search easily with keywords or under categories.

Questions about acceptable artwork files? Click on our Artwork Guidelines page. Files types are broken down and easily explained and our in house design department are more than happy to come up with fresh and original designs.

Also please remember that February is American Heart Month. It is not too late to order items.

Below are just a few examples of great promotional items for Heart Awareness Month. Pictured from left to right are the Heart Magnet Clip, Heart Shaped Pedometer, and Heart Krazy Straw Sipper. Please call for pricing.

Stayed tuned until next time!

Blog Photo February 2015


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