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JCB Zombie Survival Kit

Posted by admin on September 30, 2016  /   Posted in Blog



Call now and purchase your very own personalized zombie survival kit. You don’t want to Zom-BE the last person without one!!!


The JCB Zombie Survival Kit includes a backpack, flashlight, earplugs (the undead can be noisy), first aid kit, compass/carabiner, scarf, hat, gloves, glowsticks, utensils, multi-tool, poncho (undead can be messy, too), filtration water bottle, dental hygiene kit, blanket, lighter, and radio.




Make Everyday a Beach Day

Posted by admin on August 08, 2016  /   Posted in Blog



Life’s a beach so why not enjoy it? The summer isn’t over yet so let’s get to the beach.  You’ll want to be prepared so let JCB Specialties, Inc. be your one stop shop for everything you need.

Pick your favorite spot and grab your picnic blanket or beach towel and get comfortable. Now grab your sand tote, umbrella, beach chair and cooler for your ultimate pleasure. Of course when spending time in the sun, you’ll want your sunscreen handy. If you forget, aloe vera is your new best friend.


Now it’s time to play so toss around your imprinted beach ball or flyer. We all know playing in the sand isn’t just for kids so don’t forget your shovel and pail. Flip flops are perfect for the beach so why not have logoed flip flops which will leave your company’s logo in the sand. Everyone will be asking where they can get their own pair.


After play, it’s time to eat and drink. Grab your favorite beverage of choice from your portable cooler or a nice bottle of wine from your wine carrier complete with a corkscrew. Throw a can cooler on your drink to keep it cold in the summer sun. Your lunch and snacks will be are ready for you in your stylish picnic basket.


Everyone here at JCB Specialties, Inc. hopes you enjoy your day in the sun!

The Great Outdoors

Posted by admin on June 01, 2016  /   Posted in Blog



Let’s celebrate the summer with a picnic in the great outdoors. Even when the heat dies down you and your guests will want to be prepared for your outdoor activities.


Every great chef needs a good set of bbq tools, sauce, and seasonings for the perfect hamburger, hotdog, or steak. Throw on your handy apron and get cookin’. Unpack your picnic basket with portable plates, utensils, bottle openers, koozies, and get eatin’.


Now that the food is ready, it’s cocktail time. Grab a cold drink from your cooler or ice bucket and then sit back, relax and enjoy on your stadium chair or comfy blanket.


Ward off your un-invited guests with insect repellent or use a good old fashioned fly swatter. Sun too bright? Put on your logoed shades and don’t forget to protect yourself with sunscreen.


We’re always here to show you what’s new and exciting so let JCB Specialties, Inc. make your next al fresco meal a summer delight.

Travel in Style

Posted by admin on March 03, 2016  /   Posted in Blog



For those of us with wanderlust or perhaps you are required to travel for work, JCB Specialties, Inc. wants to make your travels easier. Unless you only travel first class accommodations (in which case you are very lucky), the rest of us usually have travel circumstances that could be improved on in terms of style and convenience.

The first step to any trip is always packing. High Sierra hard-sided luggage and wheeled duffels will be sure to protect all of your belongings and make running to your gate easier. Samsonite along with many others, offers stylish options. Don’t forget to weigh your bag with the High Sierra digital luggage scale before you leave the house. Bundle your laptop in a neoprene case that fits in a checkpoint friendly backpack, perfect for the corporate traveler on the go. Accessorize your luggage with colorful leather tags or baggage straps to help identify your luggage in a sea of black suitcases. You will thank us later at the baggage claim.


The trick to packing like a pro is being organized. Packing cubes offer a genius way to pack and are available in three convenient sizes. Be sure to also pack your clean bags for your shoes, laundry, and miscellaneous items.  Once you get to your destination, go wrinkle free and hang your clothes with a hanger kit. Pack your liquids in a travel kit complete with clear bottles sized for security checkpoints. Roll your best jewels in the jewelry roll and you’re ready to go! Keep your documents and passports handy with a leather passport holder.  Take out any stains you may have incurred during travel with the stain pen and remove all lint with your lint roller.


You might be disheveled from your travels in the past but hopefully we’ve given you some great ideas. We hope you have enjoyed your trip and please travel again with JCB Specialties, Inc.!

Money, That’s What I Want

Posted by admin on February 03, 2016  /   Posted in Blog



We all know that money makes the world go round. Let JCB Specialties, Inc. protect your money, so you’ll have more to spend with us!!

With new technology making our lives easier, it also makes us more susceptible to digital hackers. A must have for everyone is the RFID data blocker card that is placed in your wallet with credit cards and blocks all cyber hackers from stealing your identity. This card is fully customizable with full color graphics and will be the talk of your wallet. Traveling? Get a passport holder with the same data blocking technology so you’ll be safe abroad. If you work in a field with highly sensitive data, you will need an encrypted USB flash drive with key- code access. This USB is ultra-secure military grade so no one without permission is getting in!


Don’t be a victim! Check washing is a form of check fraud where criminals steal checks from the mail and erase the handwritten ink using common household chemicals. They then rewrite the checks to themselves for any amount they choose.  The uni-ball gel pen has special ink which binds itself to the check and cannot be washed off. Be sure to shred all of your paper documents with any important information on them with a handheld paper shredder that has your logo on the handle.


Perhaps you are looking to educate your staff or clients about possible scams or help them find easy ways to save. For children, try an adorable coloring book or a money growth chart. Protect seniors from scams using bookmarks or pamphlets which are perfect for any financial institution or insurance company. Or write your own message and have it printed on dollar sign sticky notes.


Protect your finances the good old fashioned way by finding ways to save. Keep your budget in a handy expense journal, complete with pockets for your papers and receipts, to keep everything tidy and organized.  If your business hands out coupons, give your customers a magnetic coupon holder to keep them accessible. A stylish calculator is still a must have desk accessory for adults or kids. And toss your loose change in a cute piggy bank for extra savings. Available in a variety of shapes, these banks can save you enough to get more goodies from JCB!


Fitness for the New Year

Posted by admin on January 05, 2016  /   Posted in Blog



Most of us pledge to better ourselves at the first of the year. For a third of our population, the most popular New Year’s resolution is to get in shape or just be healthier in general. Wellness is something that most of us can improve on and JCB Specialties Inc. is here to help you work on this!

We offer a wide variety of pedometers in every price range. One of our favorites is the Bluetooth watch pedometer which tracks steps, distance, calories burned, hours slept, quality of sleep and awake time using the latest Bluetooth wireless technology to transfer data to mobile devices.  If you’re looking for great and inexpensive promotional items we offer hand grip exercisers, great for all age ranges. Since digital is the rage, why not enjoy a jump rope that counts the jumps for you. New Balance offers a high quality line of fitness items like duffel bags, yoga mats, headphones and strength bands that are stylish and functional.


What you put into your body is just as important. Having healthy snacks around the office is not only good for everyone but makes a great giveaway for your clients and events. We offer a wide range of healthy snacks, such as trail mix, pistachios and much more with great packaging options. Bringing your own lunch is a healthy alternative to eating out every day. Grab your lunch pack, including your water bottle or be even more trendy with a smoothie tumbler. If plain water isn’t your thing, there are water bottles with fruit infusers or custom labeled bottled water where you can add infuser drops


Perhaps you’d like to plan a Wellness Program for the office, let us help you design informative posters, memo boards and mouse pads that promote both wellness and healthy living. Don’t forget that February is Heart Month, start planning now! We offer tons of heart shaped items and any of the items referenced above would be perfect to promote healthy heart month. Check out our Top 10 Items to see some heart related items.

Stay tuned for February’s blog for the second most popular New Year’s Resolution-Money and Finances.

A Holiday Survival Guide

Posted by admin on October 19, 2015  /   Posted in Blog



Let’s face it, while the holiday season is great, it can also be very stressful. We at JCB Specialties, Inc. have put together our very own holiday survival guide complete with special services we offer, the latest holiday gifts, and much more.


The holiday season always seems to creep up you. While we offer rush services, let’s avoid them and start thinking about the holidays right now! This is the perfect time to put together your holiday plans so call us for some ideas. We can customize gifts specified to your needs with any budget in mind.


Holiday food and gourmet gift baskets are always very popular gift items during the holiday season. The candy market has expanded dramatically and is filled with everything you might consider from custom shaped chocolate bars to little bite sized candies with your logo on it. Make it special by packaging in your logoed mug, candy jar, or even a tote. Not just candy, we offer everything from gourmet beverages to specialty cheese and meats.



We are able to personalize many items in house. We can laser engrave on anything from wooden cutting boards, leather wallets or frames, wine sets or embroider on jackets, hats, and scarfs, just to name a few.



You can build gifts just the way you want them by packaging your favorite promotional products with your favorite foods. This is great for gifts at different price tiers.


Gifts can be bundled and packaged together beautifully. It’s a perfect way to combine similar items in the same set.



After you have picked out the perfect gift, up next is wrapping it. Print your company logo with a subtle print on tissue paper or right in their face with bold bright ribbon. Many of our promotional items come with a full color holiday box.



Shipping to individuals? We can ship them directly for you. Whether your clients or staff are local or out of town, we can drop ship anywhere. It’s as easy as sending us an Excel spreadsheet full of addresses!

Let us help you get through this season with a smile on your face.

Whether you want to spruce up an existing holiday program or start one altogether,

our HOLIDAY HOTLINE is always ready.

Click below to start shopping now.




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